Get Your Shine On!

I have always loved crafting, decorating and cooking. I've made it my personal mission to keep creating and keep doing what I can to make people happy! Although, creativity somehow took a backseat to college, grad school, and my medical career, I promised myself to never give up on my passion. My burning desire to sparkle and shine through color, style, and fragrance came back to me when my niece asked me to take part in the Holiday Craft Bazaar at her school - right here in Philadelphia!

Knowing my love for being crafty my niece must have known that I was ready for a challenge. I spent some time thinking about just how crafty I could get and, eventually, started experimenting with bath bombs. The creativity continued to flow through vivid colors, supreme sparkle, and luxe fragrances. From the Holiday Bazaar to farmers markets, our bath bombs became a hit!

Creativity continues to fuel me and now we're crafting more glitz and glam bath treats that you'll absolutely love! Keeping with our goal to always use high-quality ingredients infused with bright colors and beautiful fragrances, we're working hard to see your face light up with a smile as vibrant as our products!