Care and Usage

Care Instructions: Bath bombs should be stored in a cool dry place away from sunlight and moisture. Sunlight will fade the dyes and moisture will activate the bombs. 

Bath Bomb Directions: Fill your tub to the desired amount. Gently place your bomb on the top of the water and hold it in place for a moment until it activates. Most bombs float and this is the best technique to use so that it does not sink. Once it is fizzing gently let it go and enjoy the show! Colors and scents will fill your tub while the bomb spins and moves around the tub. Some bombs do not float because of their decorative toppings or weight of the larger bombs. It is OK if it sinks as you will still enjoy the scents, colors and moisturizing benefits.

Although all our ingredients are skin safe and gentle, as with any skin care product, irritation can occur. Avoid prolonged exposure and discontinue use if irritation persists. 

Shower Steamers: Shower steamers are perfect for people who prefer showers. They contain essential oils and some varieties contain menthol (Wake and Sinus). They will add a wonderful spa experience to your daily showering ritual.

With the shower running gently sprinkle water onto the steamer to activate its' fizz. Place it near you but away from direct water (on a shower caddy, shower shelf, or soap shelf).  Every so often sprinkle with a bit of water to keep the scent flowing. 

Do not put shower steamers in your bath water. They are not bath bombs. They contain essential oils and/or menthol which may be irritating to skin. Shower steamers contain oil, and may cause shower to be slippery. Take care when entering and exiting the shower. 

Fairy Dust: Contains all the ingredients of a bath bomb but in powder form. Add as much or as little as you would like. Fairy Dust will color, fizz and perfume your water. Experiment by mixing colors for even more fun!